Floralife® 5 Steps of Fresh

You want grateful customers. And your customers want flowers that last as long as possible. The Floralife® 5 Steps of Fresh quality products can help you realize this.


Regular cleaning of buckets, cool cells, knives, scissors, work surfaces and all vases with Floralife® Cleaner for the presentation of goods in the shop are basic requirements for a long vase life.



Give dry transported flowers a jumpstart by treating the stem ends with Floralife® Quick Dip. A brief immersion (2-3 sec) is already sufficient to ensure a maximum uptake for water- and nutrients. With Floralife® Quick Dip, cut flowers which have been without water for a longer period, can be revitalized and become full of freshness again.



From the beginning, providing all essential nutrients is crucial, even when presented in the showroom. Floralife® ULTRA 200 Clear is highly concentrated. Only 1 liter of Floralife® ULTRA 200 Clear is sufficient for 200 liters of water. An exact dosing is extremely important and is easy with the Floralife® Minidos dosing pump. 



Floralife® Finishing Touch doesn’t only protect the flowers and reduces evaporation. It also gives the bouquet a fresh and brilliant look. However achieving this effect by spraying the flowers with water should be avoided, as this may cause mold (Botrytis).



The addition of Floralife® Flower Food should be continued at home by the customer. Providing Floralife® Flower Food sachets to the customers is necessary at all time. At each sales talk, you should inform the customer about the proper dosage.


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