Floralife® 5 Steps of Fresh - STEP 1 - Sanitize

A first and important step to benefit from long lasting flowers is hygiene. Floralife® Cleaner will help to prevent dirt from having a negative effect on the appearance of your flowers. Even though these microscopic organisms are hardly visible (0,1 to 400 microns in size), they are present on all of your cutting tools, surfaces, buckets etc. multiplying rapidly in vase water and stem fibers.


What is the result of bacteria?

  1. small stem fibres will be clogged
  2. water uptake will be prevented

This will ultimately result in wilting flower leafs and stems that lose their strength. Besides the vase water could get cloudy and smelly resulting in dissatisfied customers.


How to avoid bacteria?

Clean all vases, surfaces, and cutting tools that come into contact with a fresh cut flowers. The Floralife® Cleaner is a universal cleaning product in liquid form that will help you obtain this bacterial free result from the start.


Cleaning Procedures:

  1. To make sure the cleaning has been done properly, it is important to use as much mixed solution necessary to keep the tools and surfaces wet this only for a minimum period of 5 minutes.
  2. To clean buckets in your flower shop we recommend to manually use the Floralife® Cleaner for the first session. Afterwards create a readymade solution in a dispenser you can easily spray on the surfaces.
  3. No need to rinse with water afterwards – just let the solution dry.


Recommended flower shop accessory cleaning frequency

Object Frequency
Knives, Cutting tools, ... Daily
Worktables, Surfaces, ... Daily
Buckets, Vases, ... With each change
Floors, Walls, Cool Cells, ... Weekly
Dosing Systems Quarterly



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