Smithers-Oasis Launches OASIS® TerraBrick™ Floral Media

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A patent pending floral design media that is certified
OK compost HOME and OK compost INDUSTRIAL ... - Read more

Why It’s Important To Use Flower Food For Your Flowers

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Only a minority of flower shops provide cut flower food to their customers. Quite incomprehensible when you know that the lifespan of your bouquet will be extended by days. A small investment with a big result. ... - Read more

Smithers-Oasis Acquires Design Master

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Natural synergies will lead to expansion of leading floral spray color brand ... - Read more


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COUPE OASIS 2021® ... - Read more

FloraLife® Express Clear ULTRA 200 and FloraLife® Express Universal 300 Products Now Available in Fairtrade-Certified Formats

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FloraLife, a division of Smithers-Oasis Company, is announcing the availability of its FloraLife®Clear ULTRA 200 and FloraLife® Express Universal 300 products in Fairtrade-certified formats. ... - Read more

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