All use of the OASIS® mark inures to the benefit of Smithers-Oasis. Smithers-Oasis does not permit the use of its OASIS® trademark by others as part of a company name, product or service designation, website or e-mail address, alpha telephone identifier; or other similar identifications.

Smithers-Oasis diligently pursues a policy of trademark protection for its strategic products throughout the world. Copyright and trademark protection is sought on an ongoing basis for all of its pertinent promotional materials as well.

To assist in the correct usage of the OASIS® floral foam trademark, please keep in mind the following rules:

The OASIS mark must be offset from all other print in a document, and must be identified as a registered mark. Therefore, you should note it as follows:

OASIS® brand floral foam - or -
OASIS® floral foam

The OASIS® floral foam mark should always be used in caps in text.

The OASIS mark should never be used alone in printing, electronic media, or in verbal communications. Never refer to it as just "oasis!"


"Featuring OASIS."

"Featuring OASIS® brand floral Foam, or OASIS® floral foam."

In written documents, it is not necessary to use the "®" symbol each time you use the trademark in text. However, it should be used the first time on every page of the document.


If the trademark appears three times on a page, one would type the full description of "OASIS® brand floral foam" the first time on the page, and then type "OASIS floral foam" in the remaining text of the page.

If there is any question or you're unsure as to the proper use of the OASIS trademark, please contact the Smithers-Oasis division office responsible for your market area for assistance.

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