Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie - Retro Cupcakes are Hot (without an oven)

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The end of the 50's were marked by a song " Honolulu beach bikini " . A typical hit from the 50s, carefree and joyful . Likewise, carefree and joyful is the new hit from Smithers -Oasis. OASIS ® Cup Cakes . Available in various sizes, colors and... - Read more

IPM Arrangements 2013

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" IPM arrangements in 2013 ." The new CD is here! It is a tradition that Smithers -Oasis creates a photo CD at the IPM fair in Essen.The collected donations are offered to a good cause, which we did again this year.  the donations collected leav... - Read more

The Floralife® Coloring and numbering explained

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If you don't quite follow our new Floralife® look, this short explanation may help you.  Via color codes and simple naming the product are now easier to recognize. Now you can find the right product for the right moment in the flower chain.  ... - Read more

The new Floralife® look

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This year it has been 5 years that Smithers-Oasis CEE introduced the Floralife® range for you.  With this range of quality post harvest products we offer the florist the chance to optimize the threatment for cut flowers. The flowers in an arrang... - Read more

The Best Florist of Belgium 2012

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The winner of "The Best Florist of Belgium 2012" is Young Amadeus from Louvain.  "De Beste Florist van België" 2012 is Young Amadeus uit Leuven. Het spreekt voor zich dat Tom Nackaerts en Peter Van Dessel trots zijn. We also want to prese... - Read more

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