Der richtige Umgang mit dem Steckschaum

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Evis vocational tour Source: .   - Read more

floral teddy bear

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Florist in Belgium wins 2900 Porta Nova Red Naomi Supra Roses and 3000 Floralife® Rosa Liquid Sticks

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During one year every subscriber of Fleur Creatif Magazine Belgium had the chance to win 2900 Porta Nova Red Naomi Supra Roses and 3000 Floralife® Rosa Flower Food Liquid Sticks. This competition was won by "Bloemen Karo" from Diest, Belgium.  ... - Read more

Floralife® Aqua Colors Spray

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Press Release Floralife® Aqua Color Spray! Houthalen (03.12.2013) – Smithers-Oasis introduces Floralife® Aqua Color Spray, a high quality, water based, 100 % acrylic spray paint, especially developped for florist and decorators.  ... - Read more

Higher profit margins

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The newest type of OASIS® Floral Foam on the market can make your flowers last up to 50% longer and open up a more profitable design range. That’s why it’s one of the most striking product developments for florists in years.
There was a time when practically every arrangement that left the flower shop was made with OASIS® Floral Foam. Throughout the years bouquets have been growing more popular as an alternative. But is it, really?
Is selling bouquets quicker and easier? ... - Read more

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