Norway won the European Championship of Young florists - Eurofleurs 2013

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Norway won the European Championship of Young florists - Eurofleurs 2013

After the final part of competitions of the European Championship of Young Florists - Eurofleurs 2013, which ended just before midnight the 7th of September in the Mestrovic Gallery in Split, the Norwegian competitor, Elin Susan Havreberg  (20) climbed up on the stage as the winner.

The second place was taken by the Dutch contestant, Roxanne van Schellen, and the third place went to the Spanish competitior, Alex Molini Carrillu.

During the gala dinner, 12 young competitors (under the age of 25) from Belgium Sören Van Laer, from the Czech Republic Ondřej Černák, from Denmark Camilla Ritter, from Germany Victor Breuer, from the UK Sofie Watton, from the Netherlands Roxanne van Schellen, from Norway Elin Susan Havreberg, from Poland Monika Latka, from Russia Irina Golubeva, from Slovenia Kimy Beguš Kutin, from Spain Alex Molina Carrillo and from Croatia Josip Novak had the task of creating the last two topics "Poppea’s Party Dress” and “”Surprise piece”.

The two days before  they had been competing in the topics “Becoming one of the European Stars”, “A feast for Diocletianus and Prisca“, “Adriatic wedding / Miljenko and Dobrila“ and “Magic of Croatia” in the Diocletian Substructures and on the Riva.

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