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Smithers Oasis's pledge to conduct business in a positive action in order to have the responsibility for the environment, and protect the environment. By line with promise of our corporate social responsibility, we recognize that there is a need and responsibility for a thoughtful protection of the environment for future generations.

For many years, we have worked to avoid overloading the global environment.

With respect to environment, our actions are, we have to comply with regulations in each country and local governments always. We will continue through this commitment to environmental responsibility by raising the Smithers Oasis's all organizations in the future.

Research and technology

Photo - research and technologyResearch and technology development team we will strive to improve the material and specifications with suppliers around the world.
By maintaining and continuously running production system of highest standards, we will achieve and reduction of waste and (Lean Manufacturing Practices) lean manufacturing as much as possible. As a result, production and operation efficiency we brought, I believe that it is possible to also benefit for our customers as well as the environment.

Floral foam products

Is a raw material of phenolic resin inert, floral our form is the same as the chemical properties that are used, for example, handle the cookware. The reaction when you change to floral form, this resin, raises the free acid of a very small amount. By adding water, this is to be neutralized basically.

1981 In addition, as a concrete action of the company to fulfill properly the social responsibility and corporate environments, we began (production methods that do not use CFCs in floral foam production at the time) CFC-free production for the first time in the industry.

In addition, volatile organic compounds in the last 25 years: we succeeded in 85 percent to reduce the occurrence of (volatile organic compound emissions VOCs).

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