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Like the name already says  is the plastic base as well as the Floral Foam of this new OASIS® Eychenne® Product completely black.

What is so special about this Floral Foam?

The composition of this Floral Foam can be compared with OASIS® Rainbow® Foam.
This black OASIS® Eychenne® Floral Foam is not just Floral Foam but an unique accessory, designed to be seen. Useful for fresh, silk and dried flowers.

It has a slower but more intensive water intake and a natural acidity. For a longer flower live, it is essential to add Floralife® Flower Food to the water container where you put your dry OASIS® Floral Foam in for usage.

Because this range is black, it makes the products particular suited for funeral arrangements.
Because of that, Smithers-Oasis has chosen for the best shapes like crosses, wreaths, harts, etc.
The sizes of these shapes can variate, this makes it perfect for small as well as big floral arrangements.

For more information, we would like to invite the florist to our website: www.oasisfloral.be


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