The Easy-Click-System

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Some OASIS® ECObase® Hearts and the OASIS® ECObase® Cross have a unique similarity: the Easy-Click-System.

At the bottom of these products click-locks are embedded. In these click-locks both wooden legs as well as suction cups (ECObase Vacufix) can be easily and securely connected. This way a heart, equipped with this system, can be used in many ways: for wedding floristry, funeral floristry or for room and table decoration. This avoids a double stock keeping. Please note once the application method is chosen, switching between the wooden legs and suction cups is no longer possible.

It's that simple:

Push the wooden legs  with the small side in the click-lock. Due to the different lengths of wooden legs (always 1 short and 2 long per pack) the finished arrangement is positioned at an angle. The arranged surface therefore is positioned in an a way that the arrangement can also be seen from a distance.
Push the ECObase Vacufix suction cup in the click lock until they are stuck. Should the suction cups be hard to insert, the tips can be lightly sprayed with Floralife® Leafshine. Like this floral arrangements can also be securely attached to slippery surfaces. To take the arrangements off again, lift the edge of the suction cup up with the finger tip. Like this air can enter into the vacuum space, and the suction cup will come off the surface.

The surface has to be clean, dry and oil-free because otherwise the holding power of the suction cup cannot be guaranteed. Also a newly polished car varnish can reduce the holding power. The polish should be taken off with warm water, detergent and a lint free cloth (leather cloth).

We do not recommend the use of the suction cups on matt, post-lacquered or laminated surfaces. We do not accept responsibility when used on these surfaces

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