A grower in our spotlight: Dirk Mermans

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Dirk Mermans grows indoor plants on hydro culture and potting soil, in a modern and innovative horticultural company of 2 hectares. The company took measures to be as efficient with less energy. A cogeneration produces the appropriate amount of warmth hand an active buffer system avoids energy loss.

Dirk Mermans was “Grower of the year” in 2012, and he was third (bronze) on the internal competition: International Grower of the Year in 2012 as well.


Why Hydroculture?

Hydroculture guarantees a more balanced and healthy plant grow and has a lot of advantages. When using Hydroculture the plants determine how much water they need, which is a lot simpler. This means the plant is constantly hydrated as it should, and there is a constant and simple addition of nutrients.

The roots don’t shrink or dry, and there is no salinization of the soil. This avoids soil parasite diseases. In this process Dirk also use OASIS® Grower Foam which is created specifically for this application.

The plants are grown in water. Fertilizer is added to stimulate optimal growth of the plants. Instead of natural soil, clay granules are used as a nutrient substance.

Besides hydro plants, Dirk also grows some plants in soil. Mostly for decoration plants like Philodendron, Monstera, Clusia and Hoya.

To digitally discover this company, browse to YouTube or visit www.dirkmermans.be
Wommelgem Vremdesteenweg 120, Belgium


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