Bulls eye cake dummy

Bulls eye cake dummy

How did we make this?

The following flowers (botanical names) and materials have been used:

  • Viburnum Opulus
  • Gerbera Bulls Eye
  • Rosa Rugosa
  • Wool cord

Step 1

Soak the OASIS® Ideal Cake Dummy in water enriched with Floralife® ULTRA 200 Clear flower food. Wait until it's fully soaked.

Step 2

Attach the OASIS® Pinholders in the middle of the glass plate with OASIS® Fix and place the OASIS® IDEAL Cake Dummy over it.  Cover the sides of the cake with a wool cord by rolling the cord around it.

Step 3

Attach the wool cord with some red OASIS™ Corsage Pins. Start arranging all the green materials and flowers. Try to arrange the flowers as compact as possible.

Step 4

Finish the creation with a touch of OASIS® Easy Color Spray Pearl Glimmer. This can be sprayed on the entire arrangement.

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