OASIS® Lady Plus

Features and Benefits

Saves time when arranging bridal bouquets
Caged floral foam head, lower part open
Floral foam provides perfect water source
Ergonomically shaped handle, lower part removable


Wedding floristry, for bridal bouquets. The floral foam provides a water source for flowers to ensure that flowers remain fresh the entire day. The plastic cage gives additional hold to all flowers. This bridal bouquet holder disposes of a unique feature: its removable lower part of the handle. So, the bridal bouquet can be arranged 2 days before the wedding:

After arranging the bridal bouquet please remove the lower part of the handle and place the bridal bouquet in a container with water
The floral foam is thus re-soaked automatically
Before delivery just re-fit the handle

Using OASIS® Clear Life Spray the bridal bouquet stays fresh even longer as the spray diminishes evaporation.

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OASIS® Lady Plus

Art. Nr.: 11-03099 (Old Art. Nr.: 3099)
  • Size: Ø 8 x 18,5 cm
  • Quantity per sales unit: 6
  • Colour:

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