Floralife® Clear 200 eZ Dose®

200 eZ Dose® is a fast-dissolving, traceable storage solution to keep flowers fresh during transport and storage.

Features and Benefits

  • contains acidifiers to adjust the pH of the water
  • appropriate amount of nutrients to prevent premature bud opening
  • improves water uptake
  • can be used on all flower varieties
  • aids in reducing scrap and customer credits
  • effective at room temperature and in refrigeration
  • leaves a colourful, easy identifier in the bucket
  • available for different water qualities
  • contains unique ingredients that facilitate fast-dissolving and distribution of contents without the need for additional mixing

Directions for use

  • remove foliage that will be below the solution level in the container
  • re-cut flower stems with a clean, sharp knife
  • make sure stems and containers are clean
  • put one sachet of 200 eZ Dose® into the bucket with the appropriate amount of water (no opening of the sachet needed)
  • cut flowers should remain in 200 eZ Dose® solution during transport up to selling to end consumer; change solution at least once a week
  • after treatment with 200 eZ Dose® use a Flower Food Clear 300 to aid in extending flower life


For Wholesalers, Bouquet Makers & Florists

FLORALIFE® Clear 200 eZ Dose®

Art. Nr.: 81-10582 (Old Art. Nr.: 10394)
  • Size: 10 gr.
  • Quantity per sales unit: 1000

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