Floralife® Express Technologie

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Floralife® Express Clear ULTRA 200: Liquid cut flower food for all cut flowers during transportation and storage. It promotes immediate uptake for hydration and nutrition WITHOUT having to RECUT the stems!
Features and Benefits

    No stem recut after goods receipt
    Cut flowers can be placed directly in selling container without further processing
    Increases the water uptake, provides flowers with the appropriate amount of nutrients and avoids a quick opening of the buds
    For optimum processing during shipping and storage
    Contains appropriate amount of nutrients
    Concentrated formula
    Effective at room temperature and in refrigeration
    Helps to reduce flower scrap and use of water
    Clear water after being mixed
    Flowers can stay in use solution, no exchange of water necessary
    Can also be used to soak OASIS® Floral Foam


    The excellent choice for high volume users to keep flowers fresh during transport and storage

Important: correct dosing!
Optimum dosing is 5 ml per litre water

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