The new Floralife® look

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This year it has been 5 years that Smithers-Oasis CEE introduced the Floralife® range for you. 

With this range of quality post harvest products we offer the florist the chance to optimize the threatment for cut flowers. The flowers in an arrangement or a bouquet will stay fresh much longer, which of course is beneficial for the end consumer.

Besides innovative products of the highest quality, the expertise of our sales representatives, and a correct customer service, we are now introducing a completely new look.

This new look can be recognized by:

  • The new logo
  • White jerry cans
  • Outstanding black labels with adjusted color codes, dependent on the use of the product
  • Black consumer sachets
  • New, fresh & informative brochures

A large amount of these products, with the new look, are already available today at your wholesaler.


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