Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie - Retro Cupcakes are Hot (without an oven)

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The end of the 50's were marked by a song " Honolulu beach bikini " . A typical hit from the 50s, carefree and joyful .

Likewise, carefree and joyful is the new hit from Smithers -Oasis. OASIS ® Cup Cakes . Available in various sizes, colors and patterns.

So a floral cupcake can be created in no-time as they don't need as much floral material as some other designs. Therefore the end design is less expensive and very special.

Colors are important to attract the customers, so the pastel dotted and striped designs will aid a cheerful floral design. In the end the OASIS ® Floral Cup Cakes bring a good mood in the house and make lust for life. 

The new OASIS ® Floral Cup Cakes you will soon hit your local wholesaler. Bring the "Swinging 50s " in your business and your customers!


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