Floralife® Fertilizer

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Green. Healthy. Gorgeous.

Having nice green plants with beautiful flowers isn't rocket science when you are using Floralife ® fertilizer.

There are two different types of fertilizers: organic and mineral .

  • Floralife® fertilizers are organic- mineral liquid fertilizer that combine the specific advantages of both types of fertilizer.
  • Floralife® fertilizer have both an immediate as well as a long-term effect
  • Floralife® fertilizer supply the soil with organic substances in addition to and stimulate the soil life
  • With Floralife® fertilizers there is hardly any risk of burns or the risk of overdose

The Floralife® product group consists of seven high quality fertilizers :

Floralife® Universal fertilizer , Floralife® Rose fertilizer, Floralife® Orchid fertilizer , Floralife® Hydrangea fertilizer, Floralife® Hydrangea Blue, Floralife® Citrus fertilizer and Floralife® Cactus fertilizer .

This product is only available in Germany and Austria . Your plants will thank you.

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