Smithers-Oasis - for sustainable floristry industry.

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You and Smithers-Oasis.. for a sustainable future. We assess our product portfolio responsibly and honestly and provide you with solutions for combining breathtaking floristry with a sustainable lifestyle. Let us secure the future for future generations together!

Our logo shows the 4 priorities at a glance:
 REDUCE: we reduce or dispense the use of plastic and packaging material
 REUSE: we provide products that are not limited to one-time uses
 RECYCLE: responsible purchasing and production processes enable the use of high-quality materials and effective recycling
 RESPECT: we always behave appreciatively and respectfully - internally and externally
Everyone should internalize “DO GOOD!” Because you can make the difference and initiate changes!
We do not answer a trend, we started adjusting our basic attitude years ago. The three pillars of sustainability are essential and enable us to respond to upcoming market trends.


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