Trendguide: Beachy Boho

Trendguide: Beachy Boho

How did we make this?

Beachy Boho - it's boho 2.0. Combining playful and airy elements with natural materials and pastel colors, you will make every bachelor party and wedding to a girls fullfilled dream.

Anna und Johannes created in collaboration with Florales und Mehr Boxberger a girly bachelor party in a colorful beachy boho style and focussed on every detail: floral decoration, dresses and appetizers it all fits with the tender but colorful color concept. Everything is in tune with each other: golden ballons, apricot macarons and salmon dresses - nothing is left to chance and is part of the whole concept.

Our tipp: Networking! Collab with companies and shops in your area to offer your clients an allround-package. He will be happy if you can take the whole burden off him.

The latest hype: flower-crowns. Bachelorparties tend to get more calmly, spending a nice evening with your best friends. You can offer a workshop where they can create some floral accessoires for the wedding party, just like flower-crowns and wristlets. With champagne and good food, you can offer an event, that they will remember for a long time.


Champagne on Ice: Fill the OASIS® BLACK IDEAL Design Ring with some ice and put a bottle of champagne in it. The foam will help keeping the drinks and the ice cold and the melted water will me absorbed by it. A champagne bucket can't be more trendy!

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