Phalaenopsis altar open book

Phalaenopsis altar open book

How did we make this?

The following flowers (botanical names) and materials have been used:

  • Phalaenopsis White
  • Rosa Tallea
  • Rosa Wax
  • Tillandsia Xerografica Silver Beauty
  • Wool

Step 1

Start colouring the OASIS® BIOLINE® Mini Open Book with the OASIS® Easy Color Spray Pink and let it dry for 30 minutes. Afterwards carefully place the OASIS® BIOLINE® Mini Open Book upside down into a container filled with water enriched with Floralife® ULTRA 200 Clear flower food. Wait until it's fully soaked.

Step 2

Slice the 3 colours of the OASIS® RAINBOW® Foam bricks into several lengths. Firmly attach these to the book with OASIS® Floral Adhesive – working from the outside to the inside. Create a cascade of the several layers in order to get the impression of a book being folded open.

Step 3

Spray the entire arrangement with a layer of with OASIS® Easy Color Spray Pearl Glimmer and start inserting the flowers. Put in the flowers in a compact way so the open shape of the book stays respected.

Step 4

Fill in the little gaps with some of the wool and OASIS™ Diamond Pins. Use the OASIS™ Aluminum Wire Rose to create a curly structure and place it in the centre, of the OASIS® BIOLINE®Mini Open Book.

Step 5

Finish of the arrangement with the Tillandsia Xerografica Silver Beauty leafs, randomly divided over your creation.

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