Chrystal blush wedding bouquet holder

Chrystal blush wedding bouquet holder

How did we make this?

The following flowers (botanical names) and materials have been used:

  • Zantedeschia ‘Chrystal blush’
  • Ranonculus ‘White’
  • Chrysantemum Mini ‘Kermit’

Step 1

Create 2 vertical strips of glue with the OASIS® Low Melt Glue Gun at the bottom of the handle of the OASIS® Lady II and take the OASIS™ Diamond Sensation Wire Silver and start to turn it around the handle, as compact as possible. Go from bottom to top.

Step 2

Create 4 vertical strips of glue at the top hand side of the OASIS® Lady II and turn the OASIS™ Diamond Sensation Wire Silver around it until reaching the top.

Let the glue on the OASIS® Lady II harden completely, before placing the OASIS® Lady II and soak the wedding bouquet holder in a container filled with water and Floralife® ULTRA 200 Clear flower. Make sure the floral foam of the wedding bouquet holder is fully soaked.


Step 3

Subsequently cut the Zantedeschia shortly below the flower button and arrange it in the middle of the holder. Place the tallest flowers in the middle, for obtaining the most beautiful shape.Then use the recently cut flower stems to create a curved shape at the front side of the OASIS® Lady II. Work from the base of the Zantedeschia flower buttons towards the handle.

Step 4

Attach the flower stems to the upper part of the handle with the OASIS™ Diamond Sensation Wire Silver, as well as to the bottom part where the flower stems end. Fill the Floral Foam base of the OASIS® Lady II with Ranonculus, which you divide into groups, to create a calm effect.

At last, fill the space left in between with Chrysanthemum Mini Kermit.

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Features and Benefits Saves time when arranging bridal bouquets Caged floral foam head, lower part closed Floral foam provides perfect water source Ergonomically shaped handle Use Wedding floristry,...
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Diamond Sensation Wire

Aluminium wire with an elegant sparkle
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Floralife® Clear Ultra 200

Liquid cut flower food for all cut flowers during transportation and storage.
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